Braised Eggs with Leek and za’atar (well, usually)

I was originally planning for my first recipe to be Pasta alla Norma due to its simplicity and also my familiarity with Italian cooking, especially pasta. But my forgetfulness got in the way of plans (I forgot to buy the key ingredient!) and so I began with a brunch dish: braised eggs with leek and za’atar.

Making this dish was easy: cook the leek in a broth, mix in the spinach and then braise the eggs in the mixture. The most exciting part of this recipe, however, was the preserved lemon! I had never cooked with preserved lemon before and I was curious to taste them and see the effect on the resulting dish.

Long story short: the preserved lemon gives a very interesting citrus-y backdrop to the dish. It lights up the leek without being too aggressive like a regular lemon would. I probably ended up using a little too much which meant the lemon dominated just a little too much. Next time I’ll make this I’ll tone it down a little. I’m looking forward to try out more recipes with this new ingredient in my pantry!

Next time I will also be more prepared: I didn’t realise I had no za’atar spice mixture before I needed to use it. I ended up experimenting with oregano instead which is really not the same. Overall, I definitely plan to make this again: this time for the appropriate brunch time and with all the right ingredients.

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