Chopped Salad With Tahini and Za’atar

Ottolenghi writes about this recipe:

Adding tahini to an otherwise familiar tomato and cucumber salad can be a real revelation.

A tomato and cucumber salad on its own is already rather great: not only does it taste great and goes well with many different other dishes but it also keeps well in the fridge, is quick to make and lets you practice your knife skills.

Chopped salad with tahini and za’atar

I wouldn’t say adding the tahini was necessarily a real revelation but this may just be due to my rather stale and generic tahini — perhaps I need to upgrade my tahini game.

That said, adding the za’atar did give this salad a very interesting note. The only complaint I have is that sprinkling it on top did not seem to let everyone have a taste of it. Next time I will try to incorporate it into the entire salad rather than relying on an almost cosmetic finish.

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