New Potatoes with Peas and Coriander

Saturday was a cooking day for me and I volunteered to feed my friends at home with a variation of one of the example weekend suppers described in the book. The dinner started with a Chopped Salad With Tahini and Za’atar, followed by Chicken With Miso, Ginger and Lime, and potatoes with peas and coriander as a side.

Coming from Germany, potatoes have long played a huge role in many of my favourite dishes at home. My parents inherited their love for potatoes from my grandparents and it seems simply handed it down to me. A side of potatoes with peas and coriander simply had to impress then and was sure to be a home run!

New potatoes with peas and coriander

These potatoes did not disappoint.

It’s a side dish that I can imagine working with almost anything. It’s fantastically easy to make and this recipe even saw the return of my new favourite ingredient, the preserved lemon (see Braised Eggs with Leek and za’atar). The slightly tangy backdrop of the preserved lemon and the sharp taste of the coriander in a paste of peas complimented the potatoes extremely well and lightened the overall dish.

We actually had some leftovers and these tasted great the next day, too. I highly recommend making these to accompany any other main dish or even on their own. Seriously.

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