Roasted Aubergine with Anchovies and Oregano

Today is a week night so I could not spend more as much time as I would on a Saturday but this shouldn’t stop me from making something new: roasted aubergine with Anchovies and Oregano.

I had not really planned for this recipe but it looked simple enough to get done in a short time. Since I also had some chicken in the fridge I also re-made Chicken With Miso, Ginger and Lime, hoping that the flavours would go together.

One note on the chicken: I was already much faster than last time preparing it all and I can definitely see this become a staple: mix it with some vegetables and spend most of the time waiting for it all to roast in the oven.

Back to the aubergine: this one also needed roasting — a true sign of a very simple dish — and therefore didn’t take much work, leaving me more time for the chicken preparation. Just before serving, mix it all together with an anchovy dressing and some parsley.

Roasted aubergine with anchovies and oregano is a lovely-looking side dish

I didn’t expect the aubergine to almost overpower the anchovies which is why I went a little lighter on those (I admit I could not really see aubergine and anchovies really working). But that’s exactly what happened. I plan to be braver next time!

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