Going off-recipe: Puy Lentils with Aubergine, Tomatoes and Cucumber Raita

This week, I went off recipe and mixed two recipes that seemed to go well together in order to tackle some of the leftover vegetables in the fridge. I started with the puy lentils with aubergine and tomatoes as described in the book but decided to make an adaptation of the tomato and cucumber raita from the book instead of simply adding yoghurt. The result was a nice combination and goes to show that the two recipes do mix and leaving out a few ingredients doesn’t seem to hurt.

The aubergine for this recipe needed to bake for an hour so I used that time to make the cucumber raita (without tomatoes). Adding some preserved lemon and chilli elevated the yoghurt quite a bit and turned it into its own well-received dish.

As far as the aubergine and lentil mix goes, I probably added too many lentils (because I wanted to finish the bag). This caused the lentils to overwhelm the aubergine flavour somewhat. Not a big deal though as the result was still delicious. A very well-liked and nice aubergine leftover dish. I would make this again for the same reason.

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