Orzo with Prawns, Tomato and Marinated Feta

It’s been a while since my last post! How can you trust that I have continued cooking more recipes without the evidence? The answer is you cannot (!) and here I am making good on my promise (mostly to myself) to write notes about every recipe I cook in this book.

This week I cooked another pasta dish. I enjoy pasta dishes for their versatility, the never-ending combinations of shapes, sauces, ingredients and, of course, for how quick they are to make, especially on a work night. This week’s dish featured orzo which basically looks and acts like fake rice (I apologise to the orzo purists of the world whom I’ve now gravely offended). Cooked in a single pot the orzo turned the sauce into a risotto-like consistency in just about 15 minutes.

Orzo with Prawns, Tomato and Marinated Feta

I find that prawns are very easy to overcook for those of us who wish to avoid poisoning our guests at the dinner table. I must say that I was rather proud of how I managed on these though which came out tasting extremely fresh and delicious.

The marinated feta was interesting but not necessary in my opinion. Perhaps it was the quality of the feta that was underwhelming or I should have diced it smaller. In its current form, however, I found the feta distracted from the quality and simplicity of the remaining dish.

Would I make this again? Absolutely! But I would leave out or experiment with the marinated feta a little more.

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